Ergonomic Equipment

reduce Workplace Injuries

Ergonomic Equipment

Lift Tables and Tilters are devices that employs a mechanism to raise, lower and tilt goods and/or persons. Typically lift tables are used to raise large, heavy loads through relatively small distances. Lift tables are a recommended way to help reduce workplace injuries by correctly re-positioning work at a suitable height for operators.

Lift Tables, Scissor Lifts, Tilters, Vacuum Lifts, etc.
Common applications include pallet handling, vehicle loading and work positioning.
Conveyability supplies various types of ergonomic equipment that come in a vast array of configurations and can be built to suit various highly specialized industrial processes. These vary from floor-mounted to ceiling-mounted systems.
These devices help eliminate costs related to medical expenses and lost wages due to worker injury.
We have quick-ship capabilities to get the product to you within 24 hours or can custom build to your exact requirements.

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