Flexible systems


Conveyability offers various automatic palletizers to support your product handling needs. Depending on the rate of production, your business can determine which type of palletizer is most suitable for you. Our modular designs allow flexibility in matching different space and product flow requirements, while intuitive control panels ensure optimal positioning. Not only that, our upgrades provide better productivity speeds as well as the ability to double stack pallets. In addition, our robotic integrated system goes with existing palletizers, eliminating the hassles of troubleshooting between multiple vendors. Lastly, pallet dispensers and slip sheet feed systems are also available.

Selecting the right type of palletizer for your needs is essential to keeping your production line running smoothly. The number of units-per-minute will determine what type of palletizing system you require. Modular designs are available that can be adapted to fit any space and product flow, while having easy-to-use control panels that allow for optimal positioning.

Palletizers are commonly used in industries such as food, beverage, and manufacturing for improved efficiency in packaging and shipping operations. Upgrading to a faster speed or double-stack pallet loading is an option when using palletizers; doubling the stacking capacity can save storage space, money on stacking machinery, and unnecessary wear-and-tear on forklifts.

Conveyability provides complete turn-key automated palletizing solutions from concept and design to installation and integration. Our robotic integrations ensure that all equipment, both upstream and downstream, of your existing palletizer will work together seamlessly for an efficient process. With our services, you can avoid the headache of troubleshooting between multiple vendors.

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