Rack & Pick Modules


Rack & Pick Modules

Conveyability offers a wide variety of rugged, industrial racks and Picking Modules. Conveyability is an authorized supplier for many of the best know, well-respected rack companies around the world.

A detailed engineered layout is provided on all rack systems designed specifically to help you accurately position your product for picking and replenishment.

Most popular… Most Flexible… Most Economical

Cantilever Racks

Particularly used when storing bulky materials and when high density racks are required.

Live Roller Flow

Live pallet flow offers dense storage and eliminates aisles. We offer flow racks for loads up to 4,500 lbs.

Carton Flow Racks

Designed for maximum productivity by separating your ‘picking’ and ‘stocking’ aisles for full cartons and split case picking. Offers first-in/first-out traffic flow. The ‘pick-to-light’ feature can be added for for paperless picking.

Pick Modules

Ideal for ‘order-selection’ systems. Custom design provides the most efficient picking whatever your specific need is.

Push Backs

Ideal for high density storage solutions. Reducing the frustrations of storing items with different pallet bottoms. Pallets are placed on free rolling carriages and have a maintenance free design and eliminates isles.

Other Types of Racks

These include Drive-in/Drive-thru, Cantilever and Double-deep.

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